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M&R Law Founding Partner Joins Prestigious National Family Law Association

Attorney Andrew T. Richmond will be one of only 1,650 Fellows Nationwide  VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Mahoney & Richmond, PLLC, is proud to announce that Founding Attorney Andrew T. Richmond…

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What is a pendente lite hearing in Virginia?

A pendente lite hearing is a hearing for temporary relief during the pendency of a divorce. It means “while litigation is pending” in Latin. The Complaint The initial plea you…

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What Is No-Fault Divorce?

In Virginia, there are two variations on no-fault divorce. First is if the parties live separate and apart for 12 months or more; either party may then file for a…

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What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

  In Virginia, a guardian ad litem (hereinafter "GAL") is a licensed attorney who is appointed by the court to represent the best interest of the child. They are typically…

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Tax cut act switches alimony tax burden in 2019

ASK THE EXPERT with Inside Business By Reeves Mahoney Apr 6, 2018 Have you been putting off finalizing your divorce? Well, you might want to sign on the dotted line…

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