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Post-Divorce Dispute 

Post-Divorce Disputes

Both parties want to remove the stress that led to a separation and to live well following a divorce. However, conflicts over finances, childcare obligations and the terms of court orders can unfortunately lead divorced couples back into the legal arena. Any number of issues can arise that cause you to determine that your divorce agreement is no longer effective or being properly followed.

Post-divorce disputes, commonly referred to as post-judgment or post-decree matters, include enforcement of a final decree of divorce and other orders as well as modifications of those orders. Enforcement actions may become necessary when a party misses support payments, creates problems with visitation, or fails to fulfill a duty imposed by the court or agreed to in a settlement agreement. Modifications of child support and/or maintenance may become necessary if a party’s income changes or the needs of the other party or the children increase.

Other changes in circumstance that are addressed in post-divorce litigation are those situations in which a parent desires to change parenting time or parental responsibilities or to move with a child a substantial distance. At times, these disputes are as complex as the original parenting disputes during the original divorce case. Post-decree parenting responsibility and parenting time modification cases can involve the appointment of a child’s representative and may even require a psychological evaluation of the family to determine what is in the best interests of the children.

Our top-rated family law attorneys during these often high-stakes, high-emotion post-divorce disputes can help you determine the best course of action to resolve those conflicts and move forward.